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Happy Father’s Day To Me!

June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!The day has finally arrived.  After several months on hiatus from cheesemaking, I have been given the perfect opportunity.  My wife and daughter (4 month old Nora) took me on a bit of an excursion yesterday.  The secret destination kept me guessing throughout our trip in the car until we finally arrived at a small farm in eastern Long Island.  When I turned to wife wondering what we were doing on a farm in the middle of wine country, I saw a sign on the barn door indicating the spot for raw milk pick up…

I have made cheese a few times with raw milk, but I have never had a reliable and consistent source to draw from.  This was a HUGE surprise!  I began to run through styles in my head, leading me to my lack of supplies back at home.  Turns out that all of my cultures, rennet, cheese cloth, and a new thermometer were waiting at home…  She thought if everything.  Nothing to do but make a style decision, brush off my notes, and take the plunge.

Cannot wait.  More to come…

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