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Your Ultimate Guide to Pairing Beer and Cheese

December 2, 2011

I am at my happiest when I have wedge of cheese and cool beer in hand.  For my money, this pairing speaks to me above and beyond the classic wine and cheese.  I realize that this classic pairing is romanticized as the end all be all, but beer and cheese is where it is at people.

Some say the best match for cheese is wine. We say those people are probably the ones who thought Buttercup should’ve stuck with Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride.

Beer and cheese is where it’s at, folks and with the holidays approaching, you may want to treat your guests and family to this killer combination. But pairing is always a challenge, and you may be asking yourselves, “But doesn’t all beer go with all cheese? Aren’t they both delicious and snackable? Why should I care about specific pairings?”

As your friendly Cork Report beer and cheese editors, we are here to demonstrate the awesome power of a fantastic beer and cheese match with a list of must-try ideas. Julia’s well versed in the classic beer and cheese matchups, but with Aaron’s off-the-hook cheese expertise are are also able to suggest more adventurous matches too. Of course, we list New York examples of all beers and mostly New York cheeses, though we did include a few out-of-state cheeses for educational purposes and diversity’s sake.

Here is the rest of this jointly written post for the NYCR: Your Ultimate Guide to Pairing Beer and Cheese

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