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Mecox Bay Dairy Sigit

July 14, 2011

Another NY cheese post for the New York Cork Report.  I always jump at the opportunity to taste Alpine-style cheeses. Easily my favorite…

I have a problem with Alpine-style cheeses. And when I say “problem,” I should probably say “obsession.”

I still remember the first time that I ever had a Rolf Beeler (incredibly important Swiss affineur) 18 month aged Gruyère and it changed my outlook on everything regarding cheese.

I was sitting at my kitchen table in Queens when I had my first taste. It immediately took me back to my time spent in Switzerland while studying and singing in Europe. The crisp, mountain air, the white snow interspersed with patches of green grass, the picture-perfect chalets… That first bite hit me with the realization that good cheese shows us a “sense of place.”

You can read the rest here: Mecox Bay Dairy Sigit.

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