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Aaron’s Obsession: The Blue Without a Name

June 28, 2011

The tasting for Point Reyes begins!  I received my first wedge via Fed Ex last week.  Inside the box was a gorgeous wedge of blue cheese, and a card directly from the cheesemaker giving the parameters of our critique.

Because this is a collaboration with Culture Magazine, the tasting panel has been asked to blog about their experiences.  We send our raw notes on directly to Point Reyes, but we can craft something with a bit more personality for the magazine’s website.

I am pretty much what you would call a cheese freak.  I eat it, cook with it, write about it, make it (at home and with cheesemakers on their farm).  Because that isn’t enough, I even monger at a cheese shop on a part-time basis.  So yeah… you could say that I am a bit obsessed.  So imagine my surprise when given the opportunity to help a master craft a new American classic?  Now that is priceless…

You can read the rest of my impressions on the Culture Magazine blog.


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