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Lucy’s Whey as Featured on Food Curated

May 2, 2011

I haven’t had much time to post for the past couple of weeks.  Even with my lack of time to formulate words and ideas for posts (although I am putting a couple together), I still read up on my favorite subject as much as I can.

Amy told me about this video piece back when she went with Liza to film at Calkins Creamery.  We had just started carrying  “Noble Road” (fantastic Brie-style cheese) at Lucy’s Whey and she was very excited about this new relationship.

Check out this excellent video from Food Curated about Lucy’s Whey and the important relationships that develop between cheesemaker, cheesemonger; and how it relates to all of us as cheese lovers.

Lucy’s Whey: Sourcing Exceptional Cheese with an All-American Cheese Shop

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