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Cream Cheese

September 15, 2010

I have a confession to make.  My passion extends beyond cheese into cured meats as well.  This love originally sprang from my love of cheese in that some of the best “meals” that I have had generally consisted of several cheeses and cured meats in some form or another.  My favorite breakfast is a classic bagel with real cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion, tomato, and a grind of black pepper…done.  I have made spreadable, lactic cheeses before (Neufchatel, Fromage Blanc, etc…), and I have also cured my own “smoked” salmon.  I have smoked in “quotes” because the cold-smoking process is simulated by curing gravlax with smoked salt.  This imparts the flavor and texture of a true cold smoked salmon without the expense and space requirements of a full smoker.  (600 sq. ft apartment, remember?)  I can’t take the credit for this idea.  If you haven’t checked out Chef John at Food Wishes, do yourself a favor and check out his video series.

Getting back to the project at hand, I realize that I have never made a true cream cheese using milk with a cream addition.  I didn’t think that was possible but in looking back at my make notes, a sad omission…  My wife and I are having some friends over for a Breakfast for Dinner party and I think now is the perfect time to rectify this.  I will gather everything and make a real cream cheese in the next couple of days.  As an added bonus, I am going to cure some salmon as well.  Throw in some Montreal bagels (my personal preference), and you have a party.  Look for pics and post in the next couple of days…

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  1. September 16, 2010 9:15 am

    Thanks for the invite to dinner…jerk 😉

    Looking forward to the post/pictures dude…why did I think you’d already tackled cream cheese?

  2. ben permalink
    September 29, 2010 9:37 pm

    Funny you should mention bagels with lox and brinner in the same post – two of my favorite things!

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