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American Cheese Society Conference “Cheese-a-Topia”

August 19, 2010

Next week is the big conference if you are an American cheese lover. The sole reason that the ACS exists is to promote and support American cheese.  Cheesemakers, cheesemongers, enthusiasts and food journalists from across the country (and world) will arrive to sample the best that this country has to offer.   The cheeses will be judged by experts and given awards for excellence.  Seattle, Washington is the place to be if you love artisanal cheese in this country…and I will be home in NYC…  Couldn’t make it work this year, but here is hoping that the conference is held a bit closer to the East Coast for a trip next year.  Mark my words, “I WILL be there next year…”  Explore the ACS site and take a look at the agenda and the list of events.  Should be a great time.  To all of you who are attending… I am extremely jealous.  To those of us who are not… we can all commiserate over a wedge of our current favorite.  Right now, I think I need a wedge of Marieke 14-month Gouda…

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