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Blogging for Cheese

February 15, 2010

My mother has always had a crazy obsession with cheese that I never understood.   We always had a variety of cheese in our fridge based upon what the supermarket offered.  There was one line she would not cross though.  NO PLAIN LABEL CHEESE.  If it was the Supermarket brand, she wouldn’t buy it or bring it home.  Kraft, Cracker Barrell, no problem.  Shop and Stop, absolutely not.  She wouldn’t allow her children to eat wax with cheese flavoring. I always thought she was crazy because her order in a restaurant would be based on whether or not the dish had cheese in it.  This past Christmas, we had an all cheese Holiday…or at least it seemed like it.  Eggs for breakfast?  would you like some cheese in that?  Beef tenderloin for Christmas Eve dinner!  How about a blue cheese sauce to pour on top?  Absolutely!  Cheese popcorn as a snack?  Let’s make some!  Not an exaggeration…and this was every day…

Funny that I find myself with the same obsession.  Maybe it’s genetic…  If I go into a restaurant, and fresh local goat cheese is anywhere on the menu, I don’t even think twice.  Friends of ours recently introduced us to Catapano goat cheese which is about as close to perfection as you can get.

So where do I go with this?  That’s a good question.  This obsession with cheese that I have must stem from somewhere.  I plan on using this blog to figure that out.  I make, eat and think cheese all the time, so I might as well take this opportunity to think it through, write it down, and see where it takes me.

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